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How Movement and Bodywork Can Work For You

Given the complex tapestry that is our lives and history, care that focuses on the individual is necessary. Pain and discomfort can seriously impact our quality of life. Our bodies are stories of who we are, what we have done and where we have been.

When I look at your postural alignment, I see the possibilities of how you can move freely and with more comfortable. It is the combination of bodywork, movement, fitness and ergonomics that compliments the complexities of who we are. This gives us a wholeness to healing that is individualized and works specifically for you. 

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Bodywork an Movement

Get to where you want to be with Aston-Patterning®

Your every day habits and activities play a significant role in how your body functions. Understanding HOW you do the things you do, points us in the direction of where you want to be. Small suggestions can have a big impact on your movements. Our bodies occupy a 3-Dimensional space, and when one aspect of our bodies is compromised it can create discomfort in another area. When left unattended, these tensions can accumulate creating limited mobility in every day activities and athletic performances.

This method of looking at and approaching the body was developed by Judith Aston in 1970's.  She created the paradigm called Aston® Kinetics and is a pioneer in the movement and massage world. Her method of viewing and approaching the body has been highly regarded, and is used around the world to assist people from infancy through aging, from novices to high level athletes, from daily activities to complex cases with infinite possibilities. She focuses on highlighting the individual uniqueness in a world focused on conformity and universal solutions. 

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Movement education teaches you how to use movement to decrease accumulated tension in the body and how to use tone to support your body through movement. Movements can be made easier and with more comfort.


Have you ever wanted to extend the feeling you get after a

massage? Working on skeletal holding patterns helps you to find more comfort that can last longer after a session. Combining the Aston® Sprialing Technique with a form of myofascial release, targets areas that contribute most to your pattern.


Movement requires muscular activation. When allowing all of your muscles to use tone during a movement, those movements become more effective in building muscle tone. Individual modification to your current workout, will help you reclaim and sustain tone that will help you lift more weight, and get more out of your current workout regiment.


Customizing your environment helps you to sustain changes from a session, and prevent new discomforts from showing up. Modifying your car seat or office chair can make sitting more comfortable for longer car rides or a work day at the office. You can have greater focus and attention, and more energy that can make the end of the work day easier and with less fatigue for those after work hours.

I could gush on and on about the work you do! I marvel at where I started. In the first session, I got immediate relief AND a shift I wasn't sure was even possible. I arrived with hook in my gait that was growing more and more pronounced. With your care and take home guidance, in 5 sessions I was walking normally again! 


I utilize other services such as chiropractic and massage therapy which I also appreciate. This is different as you reconnect the whole body and that has provided lasting transformation! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Deanna L.

Ready to take the next step?

No matter what your interest is, I want to work with you on finding an approach that will work with your activities and bring you closer to more comfort and freedom.

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Still have questions?

Visit my frequently asked questions page, or call me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

I want to give you the hope that something can be done, and more importantly, that someone cares.

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