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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

When you book an appointment for a Bodywork & Movement session, or just a movement session it is best to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Examples include shorts and a T-shirt or exercise clothes. If you have booked a Spiraling Relaxation Massage, you can wear whatever you want because you will be taking your clothes off as you would normally in a traditional massage (of course you will be fully covered by sheets and blankets).

How often do I need to come in for bodywork?

Generally speaking, I recommend you come in for 4 sessions with the first 2 sessions only 1 week apart. Typically it takes 2 sessions to get the changes we want, and 2 more to sustain the changes. However this is dependent on your goals, how quickly your body receives the changes, how the changes are sustained between sessions and what new discomforts or problems arise. After the first 4 sessions, most people will come in once a month for "tune-ups" or maintenance. 

What is the difference between bodywork and massage?

In the context of my practice, Bodywork refers to the technique of Aston® Kinetics where we use a combination of massage, movement, fitness and ergonomics to specifically target your concern and work toward a solution. Massage is structured in similarity to a traditional massage where the goal is relaxation without the use of movement, fitness or ergonomics. For a more in depth look at this read my blog post "Bodywork vs Massage, what's the difference?" on this subject

How long before I feel better, and how long will it last?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this. Because each of us have had completely different experiences, not to mention injuries, I do not have a straight answer. Ideally you will feel changes immediately. Now, how long will it last? That is completely dependent on how your body accepts the change, how they get implemented and your treatment goals. Through education and self-help techniques you should be able to sustain the changes and continue to feel better. 

Have more questions? Call me at 775.453.4025 or email me at and I will answer any of your questions.
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