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Private Sessions


Bodywork and Movement Session

Interpreting where your pain is coming from is the first step to uncovering ways to move with comfort and ease and reducing chronic discomfort. By combining bodywork and movement we can work together on finding more relief and support in your daily life. Release discomfort, enhance your performance and move with freedom. Each session is 2 hours and uses the combination of bodywork, movement, ergonomics and fitness.

$105 per session

Movement Session

This 1 hour movement session is designed to help make movements more efficient and comfortable. Each session will use movement to assist your daily routine, or focus on specific movement goals like running, walking or daily chores. Enhancing your athletic performance or learning take-home techniques will be tailored to your unique requirements.

$60 per session


Free Phone Consultation

Want to see how Aston-Patterning® can improve your life? Call me to schedule a free consultation to see how we can work together to find a way for you to be more comfortable in your daily activities.


These packages are designed to give you the maximum benefit that bodywork and movement have to offer. Give your wallet and your body a new level of comfort with one of these 3 packages.* 

Sage Brush

When you purchase any 4 sessions, you will receive $5 off each session totaling $20 in savings


Pinion Pine

Purchase 6 sessions and you will receive $10 off each session with a total savings of $60

* To maximize the benefit of the packages, all sessions purchased must be completed within a specific time frame. Sage Brush w/in 3 months, Pinion Pine w/in 5 months.

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