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I have had arthritic issues for many years but in late 2016 I was laid low by a bad nerve block which caused partial paralysis of my right lower leg.  After months of limping my body developed newer pain areas and exacerbation of older injuries.  

At the suggestion of my nurse I visited Courtney Pennacchio for Aston Patterning.  Courtney assessed my whole body and set me forth on a treatment plan.  I retrained myself how to walk with her help and advice.  This alone has been invaluable for me.  I also learned tricks for sleeping and everyday tasks that have lessened my many pain issues.  

I am now a full believer in both Aston Patterning treatment and most importantly the skill of Ms Pennacchio  in addressing the needs of patients.  I have referred many of my own patients to Courtney and they are all impressed with her passion, knowledge, professionalism , and positive results.  

Jay S Schroeder, MD

Over the years I had developed a litany of chronic sports and fitness injuries, I had a team of specialists that I rotated through incorporating modalities consisting of traditional massage therapy, reiki, chiropractic care, physical therapy, myofascial release, cupping, and acupuncture. Each technique offered some short term relaxation and pain management, but nothing remained effective after a few days. 

When my doctor referred me over to Courtney, I was surprised to have never heard of the Aston-Patterning® process. After meeting Courtney at my first session, I was both excited at the possibility of a better future, and upset at the fact I wasn't referred over earlier. To say that I was thoroughly impressed with Courtney would a drastic understatement. She is the consummate professional and truly skilled at her practice, which is unique and unlike anything I've ever encountered. More importantly, you can tell that this work and helping other live better pain free lives is her passion and that she will simply not stop investigating your problems until she has come up with an actionable plan of treatment for the long term. The key word is long term because what Courtney helps you with and educates you with is a better understanding of your body, the way with which your lifestyle contributes to your issues, and more importantly how you can live a healthier more comfortable life while still performing the tasks and activities you enjoy or are required to do on a daily basis due to work and/or responsibilities. 

Specifically, each session is like a forensic investigation into your body, life, activities, and history. She meticulously spends every minute of the 2 hour appointment, watching you, listening to you, and asking pertinent questions about not only what you do by how you do it. Then a thorough examination is performed of the body to identify imbalances or problem areas. This is followed by a well thought out action plan as to which areas will be emphasized and targeted during that particular session. 

Once the bodywork is initiated, periodically, Courtney will check in with you and evaluate if the bodywork has helped with the target areas for that day. Upon conclusion, Courtney will move on to introducing exercises, stretching, devices, and other alternative ways to move so that you can begin to correct problem areas and pain. There is never any rush and she utilizes the 2 hour session efficiently and comprehensively, 

This is the key and what sets Courtney and this modality from all others; the program is designed for long lasting lifestyle changes. It is truly transformational and as you begin to understand your body, and how you lifestyle contributes to pain, you are able to modify, correct, and in some ways able to completely change your patterns, while still being able to perform the activities that are either passionate for you or mandatory or due to work or other responsibilities. After my first session I immediately slept better than I did the whole year, now more than 20 sessions in, my life has completely changes without sacrificing the activities I enjoy or are required to perform. My sleep cycle has drastically improved, I am walking better without pain, and my injuries are far more manageable than they have ever been.

Courtney is like a mad scientist; she is a master at observation, and she comes up with ideas that are either entirely out of left field or so simple that you can't believe you couldn't identify it quicker. She views her clients like complicated  and intricate puzzles and she's really determined to put all the pieces together efficiently.

This is so revolutionary, and advanced, one would think you would have to go to a bigger city to find someone of her caliber; Reno is truly fortunate to have someone of her talent and dedication here. After working with Courtney, your mind will be blown and you will never think the same nor move the same ever again. 

Tyler Lee                      

Dear Courtney,


Ever since my first visit with you, everyday I am grateful Nicole recommended you.


Before my first visit, it seemed reasonable that I may need a wheelchair in the next few years, due to joint deformities caused from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which made me concerned that I could easily fall and break something.


Your knowledge and skill have helped me regain motion and stability, that has Greatly improved my quality of life!

Please post this note to any social media you are on, so hopefully it will help others decide to see you at least once, so they can see for themselves the benefits. Thank You Very, Very Much Courtney!


Kelley I.

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