I have had arthritic issues for many years but in late 2016 I was laid low by a bad nerve block which caused partial paralysis of my right lower leg.  After months of limping my body developed newer pain areas and exacerbation of older injuries.  

At the suggestion of my nurse I visited Courtney Pennacchio for Aston Patterning.  Courtney assessed my whole body and set me forth on a treatment plan.  I retrained myself how to walk with her help and advice.  This alone has been invaluable for me.  I also learned tricks for sleeping and everyday tasks that have lessened my many pain issues.  

I am now a full believer in both Aston Patterning treatment and most importantly the skill of Ms Pennacchio  in addressing the needs of patients.  I have referred many of my own patients to Courtney and they are all impressed with her passion, knowledge, professionalism , and positive results.  

Jay S Schroeder, MD

Dear Courtney,


Ever since my first visit with you, everyday I am grateful Nicole recommended you.


Before my first visit, it seemed reasonable that I may need a wheelchair in the next few years, due to joint deformities caused from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which made me concerned that I could easily fall and break something.


Your knowledge and skill have helped me regain motion and stability, that has Greatly improved my quality of life!

Please post this note to any social media you are on, so hopefully it will help others decide to see you at least once, so they can see for themselves the benefits. Thank You Very, Very Much Courtney!


Kelley I.