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About Me

At 17, I suffered from debilitating shin splints that lasted over 5 years. I tried many forms of health care without relief. I then heard about Aston-Patterning®, and I could walk with very minimal pain immediately after my first session. This not only saved my life as a teenager, it reshaped how I looked at life.


This experience lead me to a Bachelor’s degree in Health Ecology from the University of Nevada, Reno. I then received my massage license and became a Certified Aston-Patterning® practitioner. In 2023 I graduated with a Masters of Science in Kinesiology from UNR. During which time I was certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. My passion for education continues to move me toward higher education.


As an athlete I know how disheartening it can be to not perform your best due to injuries or limitations. Aston-Patterning® helped me to regain my confidence and strength after 4 knee surgeries.

I am a new mother to a beautiful 1 year old who keeps me on my toes. Recovering from pregnancy has given me a new perspective on how to use my body during everyday movements, and during exercise. I am grateful for my education as it has given me the skills to better help myself those recovering.


When I am not chasing my kid around, I spend my free time knitting, painting, running, and cooking. I enjoy solving problems and figuring out how things work which is why I tend to have many hobbies. I like to create and invent new ways of doing things that strengthens my abilities to become flexible and creative during my sessions with clients.

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