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Athletic Program

Your sport is your life. You enjoy what you do. Why not take your performance to the next level? This program is designed to move you toward your best performance and enhance your techniques. No matter what your sport is, holding patterns can limit your ability to perform your best. This program is designed to work specifically for your needs. Whether it is for a competition or for personal gain, this program will help you neutralize holding patterns while giving you movement techniques that specifically apply to your sport to optimize your performance and workout routines. Get ahead of your opponent with this specially tailored program.

What you get:

6 two hour bodywork and movement sessions

4 one hour sport specific movement sessions

1 "last minute tune-up" 2 weeks before your competition

Discounted rates for group classes


Pregnancy Program

No one needs to tell you how much your body changes, and how hard you work at balancing your life with the changes that occur during pregnancy. With a little extra help, we can neutralize those changes, making you more comfortable during your pregnancy and speeding recovery after your delivery getting you back to the body you had before you were pregnant. The program is designed to help you manage the changes and prepare you for life with your child.  

What you get during pregnancy:

7 bodywork and movement sessions over 7 months

3 movement sessions during your pregnancy to better understand how to walk, move and get up and down from chairs

After delivery

3 bodywork and movement session to help get you back on track

1 movement session focusing on how to hold your baby to minimize holding patterns and reduce fatigue.

This information is invaluable in creating a better experience for you and your baby. 


when purchased at 3 months pregnant that's only a $158/mo investment into making your pregnancy the most comfortable it can be!

*payment plans available

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