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The mind and body connection

Hello you beautiful beings. I want to share a thought for you today. This may not be a revelation to you, but our history and our life's experiences are held in the body. They are most commonly held in the tissues, and these experiences, good and bad, can prevent us from fully living in the present and moving forward into the future. The connection of the mind and the body has never been more relevant than today. When you rolled your ankle as a child, that experience was held in your body (likely through scar tissue). When you lost a loved one, that too was held in your body (most commonly through alignment holding patterns). Sometimes when you receive bodywork, you work on more than just the body. Releasing tension that was a result of certain memories can actually help you deal with those memories. In return, when you work on your mind, especially through meditation or therapy, you can see your body improve. The combination of bodywork and therapy for your mind can greatly improve your outlook on life. I encourage all of you to sit with this thought, and see if it applies to you. If it does, book an appointment for bodywork, join a mediation group, sign up for life coaching or try some other self help techniques. The new year is never a better time to take back control of your life. Why wait for life to unfold? Take charge! I encourage you to see how beautiful you are, and try looking within for the answers to your questions. You have all the power. Happy healing and and bountiful journeys!

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